Coris Bank International at your service in difficult times

Cotonou, March 27, 2020 – CORIS BANK INTERNATIONAL BENIN is mobilizing for the fight against COVID -19. It adopts a series of provisions to protect staff, customers and their families and to help limit the spread of the virus. It also participates in the fight against COVID 19 alongside the Ministry of Public Health

We are going through difficult times, with the spread of the Coronavirus disease. The Corona Virus Disease 2019 or COVID – 19, recognized by the WHO as a global pandemic, sows fear and uncertainty. Its unprecedented spread and the many disappearances caused around the world make it a threat, both personally and professionally.

To help eradicate COVID-19, we are working at CBI BENIN to minimize the risk of contamination. To do this, and on the directives of the CORIS group, a Crisis Committee has been set up and a Business Continuity Plan drawn up.

In this vein, several measures aimed at ensuring the safety of staff and users of our branches and ATMs have been taken. These include, among others:

  • Observance of the social security distance of one meter;
  • The supply of all our service points with hydro-alcoholic gel: to systematically disinfect hands on entering and leaving;
  • Equipping all staff, security and maintenance officers with protective masks and gloves;
  • Suspension of all missions and training abroad;
  • Dissemination of safety and protection instructions to all staff and customers through various communication channels;
  • The definition of crisis scenarios and appropriate action plans to ensure the continuity of customer service;
  • The constitution of work teams according to the scenarios defined;
  • The opening of the access doors to our premises by security guards with protected hands;
  • The taking of body temperature for the staff and all of our customers, partners and service providers at the entrance to our premises;
  • Regular supply of our ATMs.

We ensure strict compliance with these instructions in our various Agencies.

However, it is possible to carry out transactions via our online banking platform E-coris. We also recommend that you use, for your purchases, payments and withdrawals, the withdrawal cards linked to the accounts and the VISA E-coris prepaid card.

Anxious to further contribute to the fight against COVID-19; the General Management of CBI BENIN has chosen to support the Ministry of Public Health through an envelope of 20,000,000 million FCFA. This donation made, with the contribution of the CORIS Foundation, is the expression of CBI BENIN’s desire to actively participate in a return to calm and tranquility within the Beninese population.

Aware that much more effort will be made to eradicate the CORONAVIRUS, we invite all companies, institutions and people of good will to support this social action, because only a collective heartbeat can bring us out of this torpor.

While waiting to achieve this, we urge you once again to respect the general instructions published by the competent authorities and to continue to follow the following measures:

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or clean your hands with a hydro-alcoholic solution;
  • Sneeze into the elbow or use a disposable tissue and immediately put it in a trash can;
  • Respect the social safety distance;
  • Consult a doctor or call the toll-free number as soon as you feel unwell.

At CBI BENIN, our teams take care of you. And, we make it our duty to protect you, to support you and to inform you continuously. Together, let’s take care of ourselves, because it is with you that we make the Bank Differently.

The general direction