Bank cards

The bank card offer at Coris Bank International has been developed according to you, according to your desires for freedom or your desires for control. With us there is always a card that suits you.


The CHALLENGE card allows the customer to have access to his account domiciled in the books of CBI for cash withdrawals at the automatic teller machine (ATM), or to make payments on electronic payment terminals (TPE).

It is accepted by all distributors of CBI subsidiaries and those of banks affiliated to the GIM-UEMOA network. It is intended primarily for any customer with a current account in the books of CBI and will serve as a means of withdrawal par excellence.


Withdrawal and payment card linked to a checking account or a business account. It offers the possibility of backing a secondary card with a ceiling of 100,000 CFA francs / month.

OPEN Cards

The Open card is a bank card affiliated with the GIMUEMOA network.

It is intended to make withdrawals from automatic teller machines both from the CBI network and from all the other banks in the GIM-UEMOA network.


Payment and withdrawal card affiliated with the VISA International network, usable anywhere in the world wherever traditional VISA cards are accepted. It is an international payment card that can be used to withdraw cash or pay for purchases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.